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Wood chipper accident: Landscaper decapitated in front of his sons in Chandler, Arizona

A yet to be identified man suffered a gruesome death when he tripped and fell into an industrial wood chipper on September 18. The Phoenix Trim-A-Tree.

Waterbury Public Schools bus routes for 2015-16

Village Wood Dr. at Boxwood Ct, Village Wood Dr. at Bergin Cir., Scott Rd. at Hartley Dr., 401, 412 Scott Rd., Schraffts Dr. at Gayridge Rd., New Horizon Kids Academy, Homestead Ave. at Circular Ave., East Main St. at Brookdale Ln., Southmayd Rd. at

Twice Guide

The Twelfth Protocol

Hurricane Sandy's storm surge destroyed Long Beach City's boardwalk, washing up mutilated corpses of three men, a pregnant woman, two boys and a skeleton. Only three months in command of the Nassau County, New York, Homicide Squad South, Detective Lieutenant Patricia (Patti) McAvoy was challenged with investigating a mass murder. "Drug cartels kill like this," she told a detective. Homicide detectives, spearheaded by Patti, dismissed drug dealers when they discovered US agents had been given Carte Blanche to practice eleven protocols, a smorgasbord of enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs). The protocols, authorized by the US Department of Justice, ran the gamut from sleep deprivation, prolonged diapering, cramped confinement, cold cells, and water boarding. Patti noted a resemblance...

Take This Book on an Airplane

Every time you take a seat on a modern jet airliner, you run the risk of having the temporary neighbor from hell. Even your best friend can turn a two-hour plane flight into an agony equal to root canal. Yet once every seventeen flights, and there is no other valid data than my own to bear out those numbers, your luck comes up aces and you get a traveling companion with a knack for telling a good tale. Well my friend, here's twenty-four of them to read over the next few hours or perhaps the next few days as the moment avails itself to you. These are not your typical 'Johnny loves Linda, but Linda loves Sally, whose dad has been abusing her twin sister and using Sally's name when he does' type stories. Nope. These are tales to challenge what you often mistake as reality. Trees that talk,...

In Which I'm Not Going to Debate You, Jerry

If someone broke into my home, put a gun to my head, and asked me to choose my top five favorite states, I would probably ask them to carefully reconsider their priorities in life. But if they persisted, I would answer that my favorites are New York, New Mexico, Georgia, Minnesota, and Maine, in that order. Some people might look at that list and say, “Minnesota. Isn’t that just full of wilderness and people who talk like this. ” Well, let me tell you, Hypothetic Skeptic, Minnesota is so much more than snow, forest, and criminals being stuffed into wood chippers. Minnesota has amazing natural resources, TWO lovely conjoined cities, and some really tasty food. Plus plenty of cool people, both real and fictional, have lived in the state. The Twin Cities don't just have great people, they also have great food. I want to share some of my top recommendations with you, so you can learn that Minneapolis and St. Paul have so much more to offer a hungry traveler than buffet dinners and lutefisk. I had an extra advantage on this trip because I was staying with my friend Tori, so I reaped the benefits of her culinary expertise. The first morning of the trip, she took me to the Mill City Farmer’s Market , a wondrous place full of yummy looking stands with every kind of food imaginable. it was the food that looked yummy, not the stands. ) She suggested the Indian spiced mini-donuts from Chef Shack, which were divine and not too sweet. Afterwards, we bought some artisanal sheep cheese and talked about lunching on it during a picnic at some point. Next we stopped at an Amish tomato stand to find produce, also possibly for said picnic. I was super excited about eating them, but not as excited as I was about what happened next. Tori noticed that the stand had a sign up saying that this was their last weekend at the Market for the year. A good-looking older gentleman started to commiserate with her and I was reminded that Minnesota is much friendlier than New York—in NYC you don’t start talking to strangers. Tori told the man that I was from New York City and he cheerfully said, “Oh, nice to meet you. I’m the Mayor of Minneapolis. This man seems so nice but really he’s insane. ” But then I looked at Tori and could see from the look on her face that this man was, for real, the Mayor of Minneapolis, Mr. R. T. Rybak. I certainly wasn’t expected to meet the Mayor. I mean, I’ve lived in NYC all my life but I’ve never met an actual NYC mayor. Although there was that time I went to see the musical version of James Joyce’s short story “The Dead”, starring Christopher Walken, and Mayor Giuliani was in attendance with his then-girlfriend, now wife. That was almost as exciting as this was but sadly that evening involved no spiced donuts. After the Farmers Market, a tour of the Mill City Ruins, and a lovely stroll down the Mississippi, Tori and I went to get lunch at an adorable shop called Be’Wiched on Washington Avenue. My sandwich was just what you want in a tuna confit on focaccia. the focaccia was satisfyingly chewy, and the tuna confit was most confitable. At almost ten dollars, it was quite costly for a sandwich, but it was certainly yummy enough to deserve the fee. We spent the afternoon at the Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden, then met up with Tori’s boyfriend to have dinner at a Thai restaurant called Quang on Nicollet Avenue. My Moon guidebook to the Twin Cities insisted that Quang's was among the best of the bunch and my hostess concurred, so we went there. The whole bowl of savory-osity cost less than my tuna sandwich for lunch. I think no matter what your budget was, you could stand to check out Quang’s. That evening we went to see a play at The Guthrie, Minneapolis’s excellent regional theater, and then we got a little dessert at a charming ice cream shop on West Franklin Avenue. I tried two flavors in one dish because variety is always better, and the ice cream server suggested the Pavarotti and the apple crisp as two tastes that taste great together. The Pavarotti was full of caramel, chocolate, and banana, like a monkey’s dream come true. The apple crisp was impressive for having real frozen chunks of apple in it. I love a good frozen grape, but I had never tried a frozen apple before.


  1. Village Wood Dr. at Boxwood Ct, Village Wood Dr. at Bergin Cir., Scott Rd. at Hartley Dr., 401, 412 Scott Rd., Schraffts Dr. at Gayridge Rd., New Horizon Kids Academy, Homestead Ave. at Circular Ave., East Main St. at Brookdale Ln., Southmayd Rd. at
  2. Samantha Ku, a 26-year-old New York University School of Law student, is spending her second summer in the New York office of Cooley LLP. In June she joined Cooley lawyers on a three-day retreat on the Northern California coast. “Wow, this is way
  3. Law enforcement in Western New York are all too familiar with him. Matt was in prison for the 1997 slaying of William Rickerson, a 76-year-old North Tonawanda businessman. Matt, a convicted felon who worked in a food brokerage run by Rickerson, beat 


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As Wood Chippers Whine, Central Park’s Toll of Uprooted Trees Rises

As Wood Chippers Whine, Central Park’s Toll of Uprooted Trees Rises
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The Seacoast's treehouse master
He’s semi-retired now, he said, but his company used to have a staff, bucket trucks and wood chippers to take on big jobs. Technically, this is Raczek’s fourth treehouse. When he was 9 years old living in Vestal, New York, he and his friends built a ...

NFL preseason games matter only to the league’s greediest owners
but Grantland’s running tally suggests that the preseason is less about keeping veterans conditioned than it is about feeding them into a wood chipper and hoping they come out in one piece. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made his feelings about the ...

Seven books about baseball memoirs
I learned that PFP (pitchers fielding practice) is a useless bore (since pitchers pitch way more than they field) and that it’s key to bunk with a decent roommate: “Leroy didn’t just snore; he had the septum of a wood chipper.” Rough going watching ...